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Trap@Home Wings

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Each meal comes with enough food for 2 servings! Take home and prepare thembas you desire! Throw them in the oven to bake/roast, fry them or air fry them!

*16 pre-seasoned wings chose your flavor!
*8oz of Garlic Butter and Sweet Pepper Green Beans
*8 oz of Seasoned Yellow Potatoes

*You can add on additional flavors if you'd like*

1. Black Mama: It's Lawry's Based, 😂 poultry seasoning, lil onion, lil garlic, lil pepper, smoked paprika and the satisfaction of taking the meat out the freezer before ya Mama actually got home.

2. Daddy's Fav: Lemon Pepper, Lime Pepper, lil ground mustard, sea salt and the memories of a chestnut suntan on ya face from staying at the lil league diamond alllll ddaayyyy on Saturday.

3. Bougie TT: FoodloveTog's Young Bae based, added a lil oregano, parsely, ground rosemary and a light lecture on how you need to watch your sodium intake and drink more water.

4. Sisters Curry: Curry, onion, garlic, sea salt, chives, thyme a lil spanish paprika and a long weekend bag and passport always packed for quick trips to the carribean when you u need a break from regular life.