Green Secret

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Chef Oya’s
Green Secret!

All Purpose Seasoning & Marinade

Known by many different names and iterations throughout the African diasporic foodways, but mainly the Caribbean, this herbaceous blend of fresh herbs, spices and aromatics is used to enhance the flavor of any dish you please!

Chef Oya’s special take on this blend is specially formulated with mostly local ingredients, no extra additives or preservatives to deliver you a fresh, consistent flavor that you’ll never want to be without!

Simply add a couple teaspoons to your seafood or meat dishes as a marinade before cooking, use it to sauté vegetables or finish your pasta or rice dishes for a bright delicious new twist to your recipes.

PLEASE NOTE: this product ships BY ITSELF ONLY. We ship it through UPS, using ice packs and thermal sleeve, hence the high cost of shipping. Thank you for understanding!